The State Procurement Board (the Board) acknowledges the importance of capability building as a key result area in its strategic planning. This aligns with its obligations under the State Procurement Act 2004, in particular, the requirement “to assist in the development and delivery of training and development courses and activities relevant to the procurement operations of public authorities”.

As a result of the Board’s collaboration with the training sector, there are now greater learning opportunities in the area of procurement training and development.

Procurement Capability Development Strategy 2020-22

A new Procurement Capability Development Strategy has been developed for 2020-22. The Strategy can be viewed here and the Strategic Goals and Targets can be viewed here.

Face-to-Face Training

Unfortunately, due to unforeseen impacts of COVID-19, we have been required to cancel ALL face-to-face training until further notice.

Online Training

In lieu of face-to-face training, the following online training is currently available:

To access any of these courses at the State Government rate ($175 per person inclusive of GST), contact Ms Fiona Blundell, Education Advisor at Transformed Pty Ltd on mobile: 0409 191 874 or email: