A procurement career in the South Australian government offers a wide variety of opportunities to contribute your skills and create an impact. If you want to make a difference, then this is the career for you!

What is Procurement?

Procurement is defined as the process for identifying, planning, acquiring and sustaining the goods, services and works necessary to enable an organisation to achieve its goals.

Within the public sector, procurement’s objective is to deliver compliant sustainable value-for-money outcomes aligned with the priorities of government.

Procurement encompasses a large range of possible activities, including requesting market information from industry, establishing a standing offer panel offering a catalogue of goods and services, implementing a contract for supply of goods and services, the sustainment of that asset over its life, and related disposal activities.

Procurement may adopt a category management structure where individual procurement activities are grouped together, for example, all procurements involving construction, community services, Defence materiel, energy, facilities, fleet, legal services, office supplies, travel or vehicles are clustered to gain efficiencies and generate value.

Outcomes-focused strategic procurement provides the opportunity to use every procurement lever available to increase the likelihood of delivering multiple outcomes aligned with government priorities and organisational objectives.

Previously unattainable or unaffordable outcomes for government are possible through a holistic integrated procurement approach” (Future Procurement Skill Requirements: A More Strategic procurement Approach - Strategies for Recruiting, Engaging and Retaining Staff, Australasian Procurement and Construction Council, pg 4).

What skills do you need to work in procurement?

Procurement requires people with a broad range of skills. The infographic below shows the typical qualifications, training, soft skills and business acumen required for a role in procurement. If you have any of these attributes then a career in public sector procurement could be for you!

Image source: Australian Procurement and Construction Council

Procurement Videos

To find out more about what a rewarding career in public sector procurement can look like, watch these short videos:

Students and recent graduates.

Professionals in other sectors thinking about making a move into procurement.

Procurement Vacancies

South Australian Government procurement and contract management vacancies are advertised on: https://iworkfor.sa.gov.au/. You can also subscribe to vacancy alerts.