As part of providing a range of learning options, the State Procurement Board has sourced on-line training modules from one of its panelists. Whilst there are distinct learning advantages through face to face workshop participation, access can be problematic for some due to training dates available, location for regional staff and others that find allocating a full day of training difficult.

Once purchased, training can be undertaken when convenient and at a pace preferred by the user. The training is available to the user for a period of 12 months to facilitate any refresh required. Participants will receive an electronic certificate of completion. The following on-line courses are available:

Online resources available through other organisations

CIPS Australasia (CIPS) and the International Association for Commercial and Contract Management (IACCM) offer the South Australian Government competitive professional membership rates via the State Procurement Board's capability development solutions panel contract. Online content is available as part of the member based service from CIPS Australasia and IACCM. This can be accessed by payment of annual membership fees.  Please contact your manager or Head of Procurement to ascertain if your agency has a corporate account for membership or you will need to pursue this on an individual basis.

To access any of these courses at the State Government rate ($175 per person inclusive of gst), contact Ms Fiona Blundell, Education Advisor at Transformed Pty Ltd on mobile: 0409 191 874 or email: