Across Government Contracting

Strategic across government contracts are a form of standing offer developed by an individual portfolio in its role as a lead agency. The objective of these contracts is to achieve strategic outcomes for the public sector through procurement activity and centralise:

  • the evaluation of offers to determine technical compliance;
  • the negotiation of terms and conditions; and
  • contract management.

Centralisation of these processes delivers savings to agencies by reducing transaction costs and reduces the risk associated with repetitive or common purchasing. These contracts are of strategic importance and by aggregating expenditure provide the best result for government in terms of savings, service levels and value for money.

Across Government Contracts (Strategic Procurement)

Details about the agreements managed by Strategic Procurement, Department of Treasury and Finance, can be found here.

Other Lead Agency/Across Government Contracts

SA Health: Details about the agreements managed by SA Health (for medical, industrial and liquefied petroleum gases, and food provisions) can be found here.

Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure: Details about the Facilities Management Arrangements managed by DPTI can be found here.