The range of procurement undertaken by different public authorities within the SA Government to meet their business requirements is extensive, reflecting the diversity of government operations. Shared Services SA establishes some across-government supply contracts (strategic contracts) for a range of common use commodities. However, government officers within public authorities are responsible for identifying procurement needs and undertaking procurement processes to meet their own specific requirements.

It is important that suppliers recognise that the SA Government is not one market but a combination of many diverse markets with unique needs and it is therefore essential for prospective suppliers to research and accurately target the relevant public authorities most likely to utilise their goods and services. To this end the information contained in. Selling to Government is designed to assist suppliers in this process and to increase their understanding of how SA Government procurement operates.

In addition, the Suppliers Guide to Winning Government Business was developed to assist businesses to better position themselves to access this business.

Ethical Behaviour

Government buyers must behave ethically and comply with a code of conduct. Similarly, suppliers are to refrain from offering inducements, incentives or gifts, which could be seen to compromise the impartiality of government officers.

Current Tenders

All public authorities are required to use the SA Tenders and Contracts website to advertise their tenders. This website provides a consolidated listing of South Australian State and Local Government tendering and bidding opportunities on one convenient website.

Suppliers can register as users of the SA Tenders and Contracts website, which is free of charge and once registered can:

  • elect to receive automatic e-mail notifications of procurement opportunities relevant to their business as they are advertised;
  • download tender documentation electronically via the Internet; and

The site also offers secure electronic lodgement of responses to certain tenders.

The tenders are first listed under the relevant UNSPSC Category and then by the date the tender closes.

Click here and view the current list of advertised opportunities and to register as a user. For further information about the SA Tenders and Contracts website please refer to Frequently Asked Questions.

Future Tenders

The Future Tenders section of the SA Tenders and Contracts website is designed to provide the supply market with advance notice of future procurement opportunities, prior to a formal market approach. Industry briefings for certain procurements may also be published here.

Opportunities are grouped according to the category, and then sorted in date order. To navigate to a specific category, click on the category link at the top, or scroll down using the vertical scroll bar.

Awarded Contracts

Certain contracts that meet specific criteria are published pursuant to the Government's Contract Disclosure Policy. For further details about this policy, go to the Premier and Cabinet website and refer to PC027 Disclosure of Government Contracts.

Perusing these contracts can provide an indication of the types of contracts currently in place and the types of goods and services required by different public authorities to meet their business needs.

Strategic Contracts

As part of procurement reform, different types of strategic contracts have been established to support procurement needs. Information regarding a range of strategic contracts which are currently in place is available from the Contracts section of this website.

Market Approach Methods

The procurement methods utilised and type of arrangements established for different goods and services depend upon:

  • the SA Government's objectives;
  • value;
  • applicable policies;
  • the nature of the goods/services;
  • when the requirement is needed; and
  • the complexity of the procurement, including its strategic importance, market, scope of goods/services and associated risks.

Government officers responsible for procurement are required to determine the most appropriate procurement method for the requirement, which should, wherever practicable:

  • provide for open and effective competition;
  • seek to achieve maximum value for money.

The following information is provided as a guide only, as the requirements for and use of these methods will vary within and between public authorities. For example, the method selected may also depend upon the complexity of the goods and services, their availability in the market place and the urgency of the requirement, in which case the methods of purchasing will vary.

The methods of approaching the market may include:

  • Verbal Quote
  • Request for Information (RFI)
  • Request for Proposal (RFP)
  • Expression of Interest (EOI)
  • Registration of Interest (ROI)
  • Request for Tender (RFT)
  • Selective Request for Proposal/Request for Tender/Registration of Interest
  • Direct Negotiation