Policy Framework

The Procurement Policy Framework is an umbrella document that identifies the Board's individual policies and guidelines, providing background and context for the Board's policy development program.

Policies and guidelines are developed through consultation with public authorities and promote good procurement management practices that recognise differences in the risk and value of procurement proposals, ensuring a more consistent approach to procurement planning and decision-making across government.

Procurement Policy Framework (553 KB)

Glossary of Procurement Terms

Glossary of Procurement Terms (250KB)

Information for Government employees

The Government’s Code of Ethics sets out the high standards of professional conduct expected of every public sector employee in South Australia. All government employees are reminded that any personal or private benefit gained in relation to procuring from a supplier is improper and breaches

Better Customer Charter for Business

The South Australian Government is committed to being the best public service customer to suppliers that do business with governments in Australia. Recently, Cabinet approved the Better Customer Charter for Business. The Charter sets out what current and potential suppliers can expect from the South Australian Government when they bid for procurement opportunities.

Public authorities must ensure that the principles of the Better Customer Charter for Business are reflected in procurement operations.