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Board Structure and Functions

Details of the Board's functions and structure are set out here.

Functions of the Board Affecting Members of the Public

As the Government's principal procurement body for goods and services, the Board's objective is to oversee a system of procurement for public authorities directed towards obtaining value for money in the expenditure of public money, providing for ethical and fair treatment of participants and ensuring probity, accountability and transparency in procurement operations.

Public Participation

The Board's membership includes members of the public who contribute to the development of policies on a range of programs and issues, Where appropriate, in developing its policies, the Board engages the public through industry groups such as the Office of the Industry Advocate and Business SA.


Documents held by the Board include:

  • Administrative Records
  • Strategic Planning Records
  • Correspondence Files
  • Financial Records
  • Policy Documents
  • Tender Documentation

A detailed list of the Board's current policies can be found in Appendix 1 of the Procurement Policy Framework.

The Board's policies are available here.

Arrangements for Seeking Access to Records and Policies

Applications or inquiries regarding access to documents and policies in the possession of the Board should be addressed to:

State Procurement Board Secretariat
GPO Box 1045

Telephone: (08) 8226 5001 or email: spb@sa.gov.au

Office hours are between 9.00am and 5.00pm