The Board has a members’ handbook which provides Board members with a framework to guide their activities. The handbook sets out the:

  • role and charter of the Board
  • operating principles and philosophy
  • code of conduct
  • governance framework.

The governance framework provides that the Board will strategically facilitate procurement by:

  • establishing the policy environment and setting the policy direction
  • developing and issuing procurement authorities (*create link to page “Procurement Authority” see sections below).
  • monitoring and reporting on consolidated outcomes and specific control matters
  • providing leadership in strategic issues such as capability development across public authorities.

Members are required to observe the code of conduct set out in the members’ handbook, and are bound to discharge the duties of their position in the best interests of Government, and with the care and prudence commensurate with the responsibilities of Board membership.

The Board is very cognisant of the need to address potential or actual conflicts of interest and conflicts of duty. All members are required to declare any potential conflicts of interest or conflicts of duty at each meeting. Conflicts of duty for public sector Board members can arise when public authority procurement submissions are considered by the Board. Public sector Board members have been provided with a release of duty from their relevant Chief Executive.

Where the Board considers any matter that a member has direct involvement in (notwithstanding their release of duty) that Board member does not participate.

Procurement Authorities

The Board approves and issues procurement authority to each public authority’s principal officer. This allows the public authority to undertake and approve procurements, up to a designated dollar value, without reference to the Board.

Apart from the major public authorities there are many small to medium public authorities that are subject to the Act. Contact the State Procurement Board Secretariat for further information on procurement authorities issued to public authorities under the Act.