Procurement Approvals Committee

In accordance with section 13 of the Act, the Board has established the Procurement Approvals Committee (PAC) as a sub-committee to assist the Board in undertaking its functions.

The Board has delegated to the PAC consideration and approval of acquisition plans and purchase recommendations above the procurement authority of public authorities, including deviations/variations to procurements/contracts resulting from a PAC approval.

This delegation does not extend to procurements that are high risk and greater than $15 million (GST inclusive), unless such transactions are referred by the Presiding Member of the Board.  The PAC can refer a transaction to the Board if it considers it to be sensitive or high risk or of strategic interest to the Board.

The PAC Terms of Reference require the scheduling of twice monthly meetings with three Board members attending on a two month rotational basis. A balance of both private and public sector members attend, and the Chair is decided at the commencement of each meeting.

Staff from State Procurement Board Policy, Review and Support work group in the Department of the Premier and Cabinet, attend the meetings in an advisory capacity.

Membership of the PAC, including a breakdown of public authority procurement approvals at the Board, PAC and delegate levels can be found here (insert link to page).

Director, Policy Standards and Governance, Department of the Premier and Cabinet

The Board has provided authority to the Director, Policy, Standards and Governance to approve transactions (acquisition plans, purchase recommendations and aggregate contract variations) up to $1.1 million, and various administrative matters.